I LOVE the Divine Team!! I have been struggling with insects in my home for years and went through many unsuccessful exterminators until I found the Divine Team. They are so professional and efficient. I have not had any problems with insects since i started using their services. They are also very friendly and accommodating to our schedules. I highly recommend them!

Amazing Service!

Game changer. House was infested with roaches of all different sizes, species, etc. Divine was thorough, kind, patient, and IMMEDIATELY stopped the problem. They went into the walls through the electrical sockets, went around and inside, and were VERY thorough. They came back a month later to “double-tap.” The second we needed more (5 or 6 months later), they came back to put our minds to ease. It’s what one of the other reviewers said–they really care! Thanks Terence and Kim. You guys made my home a home again! 

Sample Staff Bio
“Hands down best service I’ve ever had!”
Trish P.

I had a beehive on my driveway, and when I called other companies, they were giving me ridiculous quotes and trying to sign me up for a contract without even inspecting my house. I called Divine Team, he told me the type of bees they were and they would go away on their own and that I didn’t need to spend money on anything. Divine Team really cares about their customer and they are not there to rip you off like other companies.

“Divine T.E.A.M Really Cares!”

I was in need of inspection of my home because I was noticing wood damage along the trimming of my garage. Out of three pest control companies, I decided to go with Divine Team for a few reasons. First, he responded back first and second, the reviews were awesome. Terrance came to my home and I explained I thought I had termites. When he looked at my garage, he chuckled and reassured me that it was not termites; however, they were carpenter bees that were doing the damage which is a good thing. He continued to give my home a thorough check and showed me what termites will look like and how to recognize their mud streaks. He was at my home 20 minutes earlier before our appointment time and was very, very professional. I would have been none the wiser if he said, “Yes, lady, you have termites and this is our charge and lets set you up for service,” knowing I did not need service at this time. I was glad to see a professional business man that did NOT RIP me off. I will use his service in the near future.

Brittany Brackett
“I Will Definitely Continue To Use Their Services!”
R. Roeback

After 10 years of using the same pest control company and not being satisfied with their results or customer service over the last 2 years, we decided to find another company to manage pest control in and around our home. I am so glad we found Divine Team Pest Management! Terrence provided EXCELLENT education to us about the issues he noted in our home and the strategy he would employ to eliminate the problems. True to his word, he and his team serviced our home recently and provided expert service and timely completion. I will highly recommend Terrence and his team to anyone looking for effective management and maintenance of pest control in and around their home. I have been extremely pleased with the choice we made and look forward to a long and satisfying relationship with this company!

“I’ve Been Extremely Pleased With The Divine T.E.A.M.!”
Lesley P.

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