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spiders and spider control services image of a large ugly spider in a web living inside a Lawrenceville GA residence.Unless you discover poisonous spiders in your home, these creepy crawlers aren’t necessarily dangerous. However, it can certainly be disconcerting and unpleasant to wake up covered in spider bites. If you can’t seem to find the spider, but keep spotting webs around your home, ask our pest control experts to provide you with a solution today.

Identify Poisonous Spiders With our Specialists

Atlanta is home to several poisonous spiders. Some of their bites can lead to serious injury or death, particularly for pets and children, while others merely cause severe and prolonged irritation.

Georgia is home to almost 40 species of spiders, including:

  • Grass spiders
  • Fishing spiders
  • Brown recluses
  • Brown widows
  • Wolf spiders
  • Black widows
  • Longbodied cellar spiders

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The two most commonly discovered dangerous spiders are the brown recluse and the black widow. Though both of these spiders prefer the dark and try to stay away from people, they are more often than not discovered lurking in cellars, garages, backyards, and front doors.

The bites of each of these spiders can be deadly without proper treatment, though antivenom for the black widow is readily available at local hospitals.

Should I Spray for Spiders?

Having our team regularly visit your home to administer preventative spider control is an excellent way to make sure your children and pets don’t get a surprise bite. Even if the spider is not toxic to humans, almost all spiders carry a venom that leads to itching and irritation.

If you regularly allow your children to play outside, it may be a good idea to have your home treated through one of our quarterly or annual pest prevention services. During these visits, we place spider prevention products around the home, making sure to cover places where they tend to move inside.

Prevention is the best way to protect your family from a dangerous spider bite. Schedule your Barrow County pest control service call by contacting our team at 770-294-0306.


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