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Flea and tick control close up female ctenocephalides felis or cat flea isolated on gray backgroundFleas and ticks both bear diseases, transferred from the animals to the people that they bite. At first sign of a flea or tick problem, call our Barrow County pest control team. We move quickly to protect your family or business.

Some recommendations we give for flea or tick control include:


  • Use Vet-approved flea collars, dips or treatments.
  • Keep pets and children out of tall, moist grass
  • Check pets regularly

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How Did we Get Fleas in Our House?

Most often, pets contract fleas by brushing up against another animal who has them. Your dog or cat then carries those fleas into the home. If you are not regularly checking your pet’s skin, a flea can hitch a ride unnoticed for quite a long time. You may sense that your pet is irritable, or notice a lot of scratching around the neck area.

When you spot a flea on your pet, or in your home, ask our Barrow County flea and tick control team about your options. Call (770) 294-0306.


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