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Ant control services in Lawrenceville - Group of black carpenter ants on the wall inside a home located in Lawrenceville GALooking for high quality ant control services in Barrow County GA? Look no further. Divine T.E.A.M., is the metro-Atlanta area’s number one choice for pest  and ant control! Ants find many ways to break into a home. They spread quickly, making it difficult to get them out of your home. Our Barrow County pest control team moves fast to stop the invasion in it’s tracks using
time-honored methods of pest control that are effective on the invasion and safe for your family.

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With more than 20 years of experience, the Divine T.E.A.M., Inc. has become the trusted source for ant control solutions in Barrow County and the greater Metro Atlanta Area. For ant invasions in particular, we are especially diligent. Our goal is to both eliminate the invaders and track down the source of their point of entry. In doing so, we can ensure that the ants stay away for good.

Types of ants that commonly invade homes in the Metro Atlanta Area include:

  • Household ants: Smaller in size and dark in color, these ants are typically after food traces and water. They tend to invade the kitchen and can quickly spread to other rooms of the house.
  • Argentine ants: Brown in color and quick to multiply, these ants also forage for food in your home, bringing their findings back to the nest and sending more workers to spread across all surfaces of your home.
  • Carpenter ants: Carpenter ants are infamous for planting nests inside the home. In order to completely rid your home of them.
  • Fire ants: These biting ants can be a nuisance both in and outside of the home. They are aggressive and deliver painful bites without mercy. Also, people tend to be allergic to fire ant bites.

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Offering Commercial Ant Control Services

Office buildings commonly suffer ant invasions due to common use kitchens and workers snacking at their desks. We help rid your commercial space of ants as well, returning your business to cleanliness and order. Thanks to our competitive pricing, we are the favorite source of pest and ant control for property managers in Barrow County.


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